Should we buy BTC, Altcoins or joining ICO?

By cloudsgreen523Published On: 09:35:00 UTC

I know there are many people asking this question to themselves at the moment.  And you can only invest in 1 in the 3 options. However, i have a new investment method called [url=]SE-ICO[/url]

This method allows investors to buy ICO and hold BTC and ETH to wait for the market to recover.

Example: When you use 1 ETH worth $ 500 to buy 2,500 FDC (1 FDC = $ 0.2). After several months, the ETH price increases to $ 1000, then you can withdraw $ 500 (equivalent to 0.5 ETH) from the FDC. Of course, you still have 2,500 FDC.

I think the form of selling ICO under SE- ICO will create a new trend for ICO. Because the FDC is the first ICO to sell this SE - ICO and is succeeding.

Link [url=]Bitcointalk[/url]

Link [url=]SE ICO[/url]

Link [url=]Fondo Network[/url]

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By ramyaDated On: Fri Jul 06 , 2018 at 10:04:00 UTC

Thanks for information

By ramyaDated On:

I got it now.

By ramyaDated On:

nice work.

By ramyaDated On: Fri Jul 06 , 2018 at 10:03:00 UTC

Yes we can ,please go through CoinGDP exchanges

By ramyaDated On:

Good information thank you

By ramyaDated On:

Thank you for inforamtion

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